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Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the District 35 MRAN 2024 Rulebook (found on the


Step 2: Determine which Class or skill level to race in:


Sportsmen: MRAN temporary backgrounds

  • Beginner adult racer, non-points paying class. No divisions for this class.  Will race the full adult novice course.


Novice (C Class): Black Backgrounds, white numbers & letters

  • Will race the full adult novice course.  Course intended to be fun and less technical to accommodate all skill levels.


Amateur (B Class): Yellow Backgrounds, black numbers & letters

  • Should have significant racing experience  with moderate ability  and endurance. Races the full course with the Experts and AA’s.  Must have skill sets and control such that sharing the race course with Experts and AA riders.


Expert (A Class): White Backgrounds, black numbers & letters

  • Should have extensive desert racing experience, ability and endurance. Races the full course.


AA Class: Red Backgrounds, white numbers & letters

  • Highest Skill Level. Races the full course.



Step 2b. Determine which Division to race in (based on your age or motorcycle displacement)

  • AA (Premier)(F): Open to any full-framed motorcycle having a minimum 20-inch front wheel size.

  • Open (no letter) Bike with Open displacement

  • 250cc (X) Any two stroke bike

  • Lites (A) Two stroke up 200cc & four stroke up 250cc

  • Over 30 (V) Ages 30 and up

  • Over 40 (S) ages 40 and up

  • Over 50 (M) ages 40 and up

  • Women (W) open to any female riding a full-framed motorcycle

  • SS+ (N) ages 55 and up

  • Masters ( ) ages 60 and up

  • Pioneers ( ) ages 70 and up


  • 65cc (Y) 51-65cc 2-stroke and Non-competition 4-stroke 65cc to 110cc

  • 50cc (Z)  0-50cc 2-stroke and Non-competition 4-stroke up to 78cc

  • JRWN (L) Open to any female riding a motorcycle eligible to compete in the BIG BIKE DIVISION or 85cc+ division only. Rider must be 11 Years of age or older, to compete in this division. Rider must move from this class when they are 16 years old and exhibit the ability to compete at the Expert 85cc+ Division level. There will be three (3) classes in this division: Novice, Amateur, and Expert.




Step 3: Register for your AMA card if you don’t already have a current one.

AMA Membership Registration (Add MRAN Link)




Step 4: Register for you MRAN membership & request a MRAN number

        MRAN Membership Form (Written)    2024 MRAN Membership Form Mototally (Online)

  • Bike numbers 1 – 10 are earned numbers every year. Need a bike number and a class letter.  Over 30 ex: 24V




Step 5: Minor waiver for riders under the age of 18.

  • All riders under the age of 18 MUST submit a minor waiver to District 35-MRAN per the instructions on AMA before they can race they event.




Step 6: Pre Enter for the District 35 – MRAN event. Click the link.  MotoTally Online Registration.




Step 7: Race Day!

  • Bring your AMA card, MRAN card, HELMET, and sign-up form (if applicable) with you to the sign-up trailer.

  • You must check-in at the sign-up trailer on race day.

  • Run your bike through tech inspection.

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